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The sun is baking down and there’s not a cloud in the sky, but summertime is the perfect season to waterproof your roof and walls. If you wait for winter flooding and leaks to occur, you’re bound to have to stand in line for repairs and even then, live with drips and buckets until the sun comes out again.

2.Speed and efficiency
Working in dry conditions makes for a much faster repair, since standing water need not be cleared before the actual repair can go ahead.

3. The perfect base for paint
An added benefit of dry hot weather is that plastering and painting can be executed relatively soon after damp treatment has been done, since drying time is shorter. This means you’ll have your home back to yourself and in perfect condition in a much shorter time.

4. Foresight means saving stress and money.
Repairs conducted in the summer months mean a stess-free winter and a lessened risk for leak and water damage. Ultimately, you save money and maintain the value of your prized asset.

5. It’s the heathier option.
Rising Damp and stagnant water encourage the growth of mould which can lead to health problems such as, chronic coughing or sneezing,
throat irritation, rashes, sinusitis, asthma, conjunctivitis, chronic fatigue and headaches.

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