Master Crafts Men

Quality assurance for your project.

Established in 2001, Master Crafts Men is run by qualified German Tradesman, Bodo Hoffmann. With numerous years of experience gained by working with leading construction firms in South Africa, Bodo ensures that MCM continues to earn its reputation for quality workmanship above reproach and superior technical ability. All projects are personally overseen by Bodo and his management team.

Our Services

Master Crafts Men are specialist painting, waterproofing and roofing contractors providing quality applications in Cape Town and the Western Cape.


Master Crafts Men are qualified German tradesmen specialising in waterproofing flat concrete roofs, barrel roofs, terraces, showers and refurbishing of deteriorated internal down pipes.


Master Crafts Men are specialists in waterproofing dysfunctional tile and sheet roofing. Master Crafts Men uses quality waterproofing products to maximise the waterproofing integrity of the roof.

Damp Proofing

Master Crafts Men have successfully remedied rising and penetrating damp situations through the use of tanking, agricultural drain installations and the application of cementicious systems.

Structural Repairs

Master Crafts Men have been repairing spalling concrete since the company’s inception, making use of the most proven materials and specifications.


Using only the finest quality products, Master Crafts Men undertakes both commercial and residential painting and redecoration projects.

Bathroom Renovations

With extensive experience in dampproofing, waterproofing, structural repairs and redecoration, Master Crafts Men also enjoys an excellent reputation for comprehensive and quality bathroom renovations.