A chronically leaking box gutter will cause ongoing deterioration to your property, resulting in extensive and expensive structural damage. Box gutters should be repaired at the first signs of a leak.

Peeling paint.

Leaking box gutters permit water to seep into the top of a brick wall, causing a permanent soggy masonry base to which paint can no longer bond, so the first signs of a problem will be the paint peeling away from the wall, starting at the top – peeling stops further down as the distance from the moisture source increases.


Receding masonry

If you have unpainted brick walls, which are subject to constant moisture through leaking box gutters, you may notice some deterioration close to the source of the leak. The masonry will become worn down and soft, and over time, wind, weather extremes and the natural forces of gravity will cause recession.


Concrete and brick spalling.

If you have face brick walls, which are showing signs of surface crumbling or falling away, this could be a sign of a persistent gutter leak.

The cause here is trapped moisture within the brick, which freezes during extremely cold weather. As the water molecules freeze, they expand thus causing increased pressure within the brick leading to the surface cracking and crumbling.


Deteriorating wood trim.

A leaking box gutter will definitely damage wood trims beneath it. You may notice peeling paint at first, but if the wood has begun to rot from the rear side, tell-tale signs will be darkening patches, and the wood will be soft and possibly spongey to the touch.


Wet interior walls

Damp patches and mold on the interior surafce of an exterior wall positioned under a box gutter are red flags, as are yellow stains on a ceiling. Surface signs are: humid, or “sweating walls”. Deeper damage occurs when the wooden structures embedded into walls, such as rafters and wooden floor joists become damp – the danger in this scenario is rot, and ultimate sagging or collapse under the weight of the roof or structure itself.



Lasting and effective remedies often require extensive structural investigation and repair to ensure that further water damage, rot and deterioration are halted and subsequently eradicated by functional and waterproofed box gutters.


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