Master Crafts Men are internationally qualified painting contractors and specialised waterproofing and roofing contractors. Our areas of expertise include, waterproofing concrete roofs, general roofing, waterproofing balconies, waterproofing timber boarded roofs, damp proof course repair, waterproofing basements, concrete repair, building renovation and redecoration. We provide our painting, waterproofing and roofing service in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Master Crafts Men is committed to quality painting, waterproofing and roofing in the Western Cape. We use the best quality painting, roofing and waterproofing materials available. Our work is fully supervised by Qualified German Tradesman

Bodo Hoffmann
Cell:       083 4579339
Ph/Fax: 021 4399487
Email:   hoffmann@mweb.co.za
Address: 2 Tide Road, Woodstock
P.O.Box: 419, Green Point 8051